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"BATTLAX RACING R10" with its new profile, structure and compound offers enhanced user-friendliness and better lap times, benefiting production motorcycle racing worldwide as well as users who enjoy riding high-performance super sport bikes on circuits. This tyre provides superb dry performance and handling performance.

With the adoption of the new tread pattern and high-level tuning of the compound and structure, warm-up capabilities have been improved while a high degree of freedom in cornering has been achieved. With its high usability, this product will enable experienced riders to upgrade their riding performance and allow beginners to improve lap times.

1. New Pattern
Excellent riding performance is achieved by maximizing grip, during both acceleration and deceleration, thanks to the deployment of three-dimensional grooves...
Enhanced cornering performance, a crucial feature of racing tyres, and a high degree of freedom in cornering are achieved through the adoption of optimum shape and groove alignment. 

2. Compound and Structure Tuning
The high degree of freedom in cornering is enhanced by superb tuning of the compound and structure of both front and rear tyres. Immediate high-level grip is secured from the start of the run and is sustained throughout use. The medium compound, the only selection available for the front tyre, is capable of serving various and wide-ranging needs. Jay Lawrence of Eurotred/Bridgestone runs us through the the new Bridgestone Battlax R10 tyre

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